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Froggy's Sample Shoot

Wakey wakeyyy! The day has come... after many months of hard work our final samples have arrived and to celebrate we rounded the local girls up and took the final samples for a spin!  

It was a beautiful clean misty morning at Froggy's Beach, Coolangatta.. Froggy's is a little beach just around the corner from Snapper Rocks, on the southern end of Rainbow Bay, Coolangatta which is located on the East Coast of Australia.

We feel so lucky to live here. The sun rises right out in the ocean at Froggy's so it was the perfect spot to get that morning untouched  light.

So grateful for these wild natural beautiful girls and many others who have supported us in our journey so far.. before we left to jump on our flight to Sweden we managed to shoot the final Swim Samples that arrived so perfectly in time! Our first print and colour way is hand drawn by a local artist @attadesign. We wanted this collection to be inspired by 70's vintage floral with cuts especially comfortable for the surfer girl in mind. In saying that it is for anyone and everyone with a love for these vintage feels and comfortable cuts! We can't wait to finally share them with you. 

We have worked hard to come up with the most comfortable fits and fabrics. As passionate Surfers and Ocean lovers we care about the ocean and our environment and don't want to pollute it in any way, so we have chosen to use fabrics that are regenerated from discarded fishnets and plastic bottles in the ocean. (As many other brands are doing now which is great)  All the landfill has to go somewhere right? So why not reuse this and put a new spin on it! Instead of taking new resources we have chosen to use existing ones to make a difference in our oceans. If you are interested in reading more about these fabrics and the amazing difference this is making to the world hit the links Repreve & Econyl. It's great that so many brands are starting to use these methods and that everyone is becoming more aware of ways we can contribute to a better future! 

We are so excited to share this first collection with you! We have had such a good response and a stack of people already put in their Pre - Order so they get their goodies right in time for Summer! Thankyou everyone for the support and that you are loving it as much as we are! Keep spreading those good vibes!