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M A L D I V E S with Vivien Paul and Paula Ortega

Ok so after seeing these images we are now ready to grab our bags, boards, wallets and hit the airport. Maldives anyone?? Yes please... Has anybody been? Yet to visit the Maldives..
We met Vivien at the local Coolangatta Markets over a year ago.. She came by and ended up buying our Retro Magic Crop and High Waisted Bottoms. Later that afternoon when we went down for Sunset at Dbah guess who was there? Pulled up in her epiclyy done up house on wheels... Vivien!!! We surfed together and now she is back in Germany. 
Vivien reached out to us and said she was going to the Maldives on a Surf Trip and noticed we had just launched our new Range Aloha Kamalah.. perfect timing!!! Nothing more exciting then creating new inspirational moments from new inspirational pieces.. Also exciting to work with Paula Ortega (Spanish Photographer) who by the way has so many beautiful images especially water and surf photography.. See here to get inspired by her!!!! Love to you Paula!
Vivien wears our New Aloha Kamalah Range. Stockholm Crop and New High Cut Bottoms
Vivien wears our New Aloha Kamalah Range. Freya Tie Back and New High Cut Bottoms
Surfer/Model: Vivien Paul
Photographer Paula Ortega